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Actor or actress are the most vital and important part of any kind of play. Either short film or movies, in every play can be more excellent by performance of the actor. A movie can be made on a great story but it will be not acceptable if the performance of actor is not so well. A movie's fame fully depends on the artist or actor of that movie. Actors are compared as the heart of the movie. Actor can make the movie popular and heart touching more and more.

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Every actor has a specialty. Everyone can't play every role. It depends on many facts specially on the body language and expression. Just like Shahrukh Khan earn the proud of king of the romance by his excellent performance in the romantic films. Another name of Shahrukh Khan is King Khan. He achieved the name by his wonderful job. Then Salman Khan is one of the most popular action hero in the hindi movies. Amir Khan is one of the best actor in hindi romantic movies and drama movies. After him i'll say about Emraan Hashmi. Emraan Hashmi is one of the most popular actor for the young generation. Emraan Hashmi earned his name to the young generation by his adult movies. Among them Shiddharth Malhotra, Ranbir singh, Ranbir kapoor, Varun Dhawan are also popular actor in the hindi movie industry.

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‌Actress are also play most vital role in the movie. Kajal, Aishwarya Ray Bacchan, Priyanka chopra, Parineeti Chopra, Aalia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma are the mostly popular actress in the hindi movie industry. Among them newly comer Sunny Leone is most popular actress now a days. Already Sunny Leone won much heart by her performance. Beside acting of Sunny Leone she has extra speciality. I think everyone know that very well. As a new comer Sunny Leone movies got much fame than the other actress in bollywood.

List of Bollywood Movie By Actors

There is also many greatest actor in tamil movie industry. Firstly I'll tell about Rajinikanth. He is like the king of the tamil movie. Rajinikanth earned his fame by his excellent style and performance in the tamil movies. There is no Rajinikanth's movie which is not block buster. After him Vijay is also more popular in tamil film. Vijay achieved his name by his wonderfull performance. Mahesh Babu is also a greatest artist in the tamil movie industry. Mahesh Babu gained his honour by his excellency in perform. Rampal is another greater artist. Rampal create many fabulous films in his carrier. Suriya also ranked his position by excellent performance. Then Dhanush is a best actor as my personal oppinion. Dhanush is also a good singer and he won many hearts by his kolaveri song. Ajith Kumar, Vikram, Vijay Sethupathi, Naga Arjun, Allu Arjun are very popular actor in tamil movie.

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There is also too much excellent tamil movie actresses who earned their name by tamil movies and after that they play different role in the Bollywood or Hollywood also. Firstly Shruti Haasan mostly famous for tamil and hindi movies also. Then Kajal Aggarwal acts in many hindi movies and tamil movies. Kajal Aggarwal achive many honour by fabulous performance in many films. Nayantara is also one of the greatest artist in tamil movie. Nayantara acieve peoples heart by her performance. Sona aunty is another greater artist in tamil movie industry. Sona aunty perform older characters which create her ranked position. Then Tamannaah ranked his name by performing in Bahubali movie. Trisha Krishnan, Samantha Akkineni, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani, Asin, Sneha, Simran, Meena, Laila Mehdin are the popular actress in the tamil movie industry.

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